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93 Plaque(s) (and 146 names) in Postcode: EC3

Aldgate Pump (id=5885) Aldgate Site (id=1966) Approach To Old London Bridge Site (id=1878) Bakers Chop House Site (id=2269) Binney, Captain Ralph Douglas (id=114) Clayton, Tubby - Toc H (id=229) Coal Exchange - Worshipful Company of Fuellers - Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex) (id=5663) Cornhill Standard Conduit (id=4766) Cornhill Water Pump (id=4621) Crosskeys Inn (id=1969) Crutched Friars (id=273) Curtis, William (id=1585) de Rokesley, Gregory (id=304) Dockwra, William (id=1579) Emperor Trajan - Clayton, Tubby - Toc H (id=5798) Falkland Islands War Memorial (id=6840) Faryner, Thomas - Worshipful Company of Bakers (id=4653) Garraways Coffee House (id=2270) Gray, Thomas (id=1621) Great Synagogue Dukes Place (id=3249) Greathead Shield (id=4620) Greathead, J R (id=1405) Harrison, Thomas - Pepys, Samuel (id=5664) Holt, Follett (id=5667) Hooke, Robert (id=4757) Houndsditch Police Murders (id=4753) Jamaica Wine House (1st Coffee House in London) - Pasqua Rosee (id=1961) Jonathans Coffee House (id=2273) King William Street Underground Station Site (id=1876) Kings Arms Tavern - Marine Society (id=2274) Leadenhall Market (id=639) Lloyds of London - Duke of Gloucester - Lord Levene of Portsoken (id=5853) Lloyds of London - King George V - Queen Mary (id=5854) Lloyds of London - MacKinnon, Percy Graham (id=5855) Lloyds Coffee House (id=664) Lloyds of London War Memorial (id=5884) London Troops War Memorial (id=5929) London Wall (id=5799) Malta Siege (id=5665) Mercantile Marine Memorial (id=5821) Merchant Navy War Memorial (id=6836) Monument to the Great Fire of London (id=4654) Navy Office - Pepys, Samuel (id=3247) Nortraship (id=1518) Peabody, George (id=1578) Penn, William (id=5666) Pepys, Samuel (id=3246) Pepys, Samuel (id=6829) Pope, Alexander (id=885) Priory of the Holy Trinity Site (id=4658) Reuter, Paul Julius (id=1577) Roman Girl (id=4754) Saint Dunstan in the East Church - Wren, Christopher (id=4755) Seven Seven Bombing (id=4652) Shakespeare, William - Mountjoy, Christopher and Mary (id=4666) Soper, Donald (id=5668) St Benet Gracechurch Site (id=1879) St Botolph By Billingsgate (id=4760) St Dionis Backchurch Site (id=1968) St Dunstans College (id=4756) St Edmund King and Martyr Freehold (id=5669) St Edmund, King and Martyr (id=2264) St Gabriel Fenchurch Site (id=1406) St Katherine Coleman Site (id=1967) St Leonard Eastcheap (id=4758) St Margaret Fish Street Hill Site (id=1877) St Margaret Pattens Church - Wren, Christopher (id=5822) St Mary Axe Church Site (id=1965) St Mary Undershaft Maypole (id=5888) St Michaels War Memorial (id=4765) St Olave Parish Hall (id=4656) St Olaves Church - Pepys, Samuel - Dickens, Charles (id=4970) Stephens, Col G J (Ye Old Musketeers) (id=6837) Synagogue, Site of First (id=1083) The Building Worker - Livingstone, Ken (id=5797) The Shaw Savill Society (id=6839) Tower Hill Medieval Postern (id=5800) Tower Hill Memorial (id=6838) Tower Hill Scaffold (id=6833) Tower Hill Scaffold - Courtenay, Henry - Cromwell, Thomas - Howard, Henry - Seymour, Edward - Wyatt, Thomas - Howard, Thomas - Wentworth, Thomas (id=6832) Tower Hill Scaffold - Earl of Kilmarnock - Lord Balmerino (id=6830) Tower Hill Scaffold - Laud, William - Vane, Harry - Sidney, Algernon - James Scott (1st Duke of Monmouth) - Radcliffe, James (3rd Earl of Derwentwater) - Simon Fraser (Lord Lovat) (id=6831) Tower Hill Scaffold - Stanley, William - Tuchet, James - Plantagenet, Edward - Stafford, Edward - Fisher, John - More, Thomas - Darcy, Thomas (id=6834) Tower Hill Scaffold - Sudbury, Simon - Hales, Robert - Burley, Simon - Fitzalan, Richard - Wyche, Richard - de Vere, John - Tiptoft, John (id=6835) Tower Hill Sundial (id=6842) Tower Liberty - Penn, William (id=6841) Trinity House (id=1125) Wakefield, Viscount (id=1155) Wheatley, Phyllis (id=4651) Worshipful Company of Clothworkers (id=4655) Worshipful Company of Clothworkers - All Hallows Staining - William Lambe (id=4657) Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers (id=1140) Young and Son (id=4759)