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95 plaques (and 96 names) with a category of Education

Cedar Tree (Cedrus Libani) - American University of Beirut (id=5539) Reid, Elizabeth Jesser - Bedford College (id=915) Blackheath Proprietary School (id=4960) British Library - Queen Elizabeth II (id=6157) Somerset, Isabella (Henry) - British Womens Temperance Association (id=1764) Burdett-Coutts & Townshend School - Queen Elizabeth II (id=6665) Burdett-Coutts & Townshend School - Townshend, Chauncy Hare - Burdett-Coutts, Angela (id=6666) Burdett-Coutts & Townshend School - Burdett-Coutts, William (id=6667) Camberwell Public Library - Edwards, John Passmore (id=7062) Camberwell Public Library - Edwards, John Passmore - Rolls, John  (1st Baron Llangattock) (id=7061) Carnegie Library - Carnegie, Andrew (id=2979) Central Foundation Girls School (id=4564) Cheam School (id=3116) Chelsea Temperance Society (id=5331) Christ Church Charity School (id=5873) Christs Hospital (id=3251) Christs Hospital Site (id=220) Chui Eng Free School (id=3263) Church School (id=1261) City of London School 
 - Ward, William (id=1856) City of London School - Carpenter, John (id=4674) City of London School (id=1881) City of London School - Carpenter, John (id=4673) Clapham Library (id=4446) Clapham Parochial School (id=4445) Doyle, Arthur Conan - College of Psychic Studies (id=6112) Commonwealth Institute (id=6166) Coulsdon Church of England School (id=2169) Deptford Central Library - Carnegie, Andrew (id=6602) Deptford Central Library - Schultz, William Albert (id=6603) Dr Williamss Library (id=5013) Dulwich College (id=349) Dulwich College - Alleyn, Edward (id=4683) Carnegie, Andrew - East Greenwich Library (id=5566) Emanuel Hospital - Lady Dacre - Emanuel School (id=3818) Eton Parish School (id=1612) Twitchin, Henry - Eugenics Society (id=4369) First Belgian School in London (id=5322) Harrow Old Schools (id=3090) Highgate Branch Library (id=3956) Highgate Primary School (id=3864) Holborn Library - Kilmuir, Viscount (id=5017) Imperial College - King Edward VII (id=3896) Inner London Education Authority (id=1401) Mills, Henry - Islington Central Library (id=3963) Elliott, George Samuel - Islington South Library (id=6925) Ivydale School (id=6002) Lady Eleanor Holles School (id=5645) West London Synagogue - Leo Baeck College (id=5125) Leyton Library (id=2124) Livesey Museum - Betjeman, John (id=6000) London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (id=6964) Mercers School (id=5643) Merchant Taylors School (id=2776) Mitchell Wing (Sydney) (id=3467) New Cross Library - Carnegie, Andrew (id=6612) Homer - Shakespeare, William - Queen Victoria - Milton, John - Old Bermondsey Library (id=4938) Old Bermondsey Library (id=4937) Edwards, John Passmore - Passmore Edwards Public Library (id=2182) Putney Library - Lister, Edward (id=6588) Queens College (id=5074) Queens Tower (id=3926) Queens Building Mile End (id=5862) Roedean School (id=2602) Royal Hospital School (id=2104) Royal Military Asylum - Hans Town (id=5333) Royal School of Naval Architecture (id=3904) Sion College (id=4675) St Annes College (id=2161) St Dunstans College (id=4756) St Georges Jewish Settlement (id=6291) St John of Wapping (id=5813) St Johns National School (id=3162) St Mary Rotherhithe Free School (id=4926) St Marys School (id=2679) St Marylebone School - Benett, William (id=5086) St Nicholas Schools (id=4895) St Olaves Grammar School (id=5528) St Pauls School 
 (Dean Colet) (id=1767) St Pauls School (id=2176) Stanley Trade School - Stanley, William Ford (id=6700) The Barnett School - Queen Mary (id=4209) Thorpe Hall Primary School (id=3071) Tooting School (id=6616) Ravenhill, John - Tooting School (id=6617) Townmead Road School (id=2195) Tudor Hall (id=2675) Edwards, John Passmore - Vernon Hall (id=1714) West Norfolk and Kings Lynn High School for Girls (id=2509) West Street School (id=3240) Westfield College (id=1183) Matear, John - William Booth College (id=4903) Duke of Kent (Prince George) - William Booth College (id=4902) Woodside School (id=3001) Wren Building - William & Mary College (id=2267)