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Type : Fountain / Trough (53 plaques)

Aldgate Pump (id=5885) Alice Maud Denman and Peter Regelous (id=6928) Allen, George Maule (id=5588) Baker, John Law (id=6515) Barrow, Colin - Marble Arch Fountains (id=6374) Beck, Joseph (id=4309) Beloved Friend Trough (id=5362) Benjamin, Louis David (id=6537) Benjamin, Louis David (id=6539) Bevington, Samuel Bourne (id=5520) Bryant & May - Match Tax Abandonment (id=3210) Burdett-Coutts, Angela - Burdett-Coutts Drinking Fountain (id=4597) Buxton, Charles - Buxton, Thomas - Wilberforce, William - Clarkson, Thomas - Macaulay, Zachary - Brougham, Henry - Lushington, Stephen (id=6971) Cholera Pump - Snow, John (id=5081) Ciuffo (id=5095) Denman Fountain (id=4549) Edwards, John Passmore (id=5412) Edwards, John Passmore - Metropolitan Public Gardens Association (id=5365) Festival Gardens Fountain (id=4671) Field, Walter (id=5241) Gibb, Andrew (id=4962) Goodison, Henry E (Kenwood Fountain) (id=2096) Grosvenor (2nd Marquess of Westminster), Richard (id=4747) Hamilton, James John (id=5127) Humphry, William Gilson (id=6514) Jehangir, Cowasjee (id=577) King Edward VII (id=6819) Kingsley, Charles (id=6982) Lewis, Ada (id=3549) Lofts, Henry (id=5092) Lyttelton, Laura (id=5597) Maharajas Fountain (id=3752) Matilda Fountain - Durham, Joseph (id=6126) Montefiore, Leonard (id=5867) Palmer, Samuel (id=4985) Parish Pump Tooting (id=6615) Petty-Fitzmaurice , Henry (3rd Marquess of Lansdowne) (id=4994) Queen Victoria (id=5656) Ratray, Mary Gray (id=4432) Reardon, Helen (id=4977) Shepherds Well, The (id=1003) Smith, Tom (Christmas Cracker) (id=5655) Smith, Tom (Christmas Cracker) (id=5657) Sotheran, Rosetta (id=5596) St Lawrence and Mary Magdalene Drinking Fountain (id=5882) Sterry, Henry (id=5518) Testimonial Fountain (id=1705) Toynbee, Joseph (id=6859) Tritton, Violet Alice (id=5522) Trotter, Robert (id=5332) Twells, Philip (id=6225) West, Jabez (id=5567) Whitechapel Drinking Fountain (id=5886)